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Professional Dry Cleaning

When your garment arrives at VivaldiPro, it is first checked for stains and then treated. Our highly trained staff are experienced with all the latest techniques to treat every type of stain on today's ever changing fabrics. At VivaldiPro, we use up to date technology, cleaning machinery and chemicals, whilst maintaining our proven way of finishing every garment by hand.

We can clean most things, from suits, dinner jackets and shirts, to shorts, dressing gowns and scarves. We offer a competitive price for all cleaning services, so whatever the item, give us a ring or enquire online for more details.

Shirt Ironing

Our ironing service will remove creases and breathe new life into neglected items of clothing. Whether it's a formal shirt, or just your favorite t-shirt, drop by with your items of clothing.

The greatest care is given in hand ironing all garments to produce the immaculate finish upon which our reputation is built. Our staff will patiently and with expert care check and pack the garments to preserve their impeccable finish.

Leather & Suede

Shoes, belts and other leather or suede items often start to show wear after heavy use. Our expert staff have the tools and knowledge to restore your worn leather and suede.

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